“Don’t stop believing.”

The greatest feeling I’ve ever had in my life was when I watched a 34 yard field goal sail through the uprights at Mackay Stadium on Friday night.  It was surreal.  Finally after 5 years of hard work, I truly felt like we had done our best to accomplish our goals we set out for ourselves.  We were no longer wasted potential, we didn’t let an opportunity slip through our fingers, we seized the opportunity and took advantage of it.

We had beat the #4 team in the nation, Boise St.

We are 11-1, and now we are in full control to become WAC champions when we travel to Ruston, Louisiana to play Louisiana Tech on Saturday.

Now, we’ve won a few big games this year. We beat the #24 ranked Cal team at the time in Mackay Stadium as well at the beginning of the year.  We went on the road and came back to win a nail biter against Fresno St a few weeks ago.  But this Boise St game, this is something we’ve had marked on our calendars since the last time we played them.  For a full year all we heard was are you playing good enough to beat Boise state?  Are you lifting enough in the weight room, to be able to beat Boise st?

Every time we stepped on that football field we were grinding.  Working, trying to get better, so we could beat Boise st.  We were all tired hearing about how great Boise St was and how they deserve a shot in the national championship, that they have the best defense in the nation and we would be hard pressed to score points with them.

We didn’t buy into all that though.  We just focused on getting better, playing our best game against other teams and trying to continue to focus for the big game we all knew was coming the day after thanksgiving.

Then that day came, and we fell behind early. A position we’ve been in before, but we didn’t quit, we didn’t say oh damn, they’re better than us, this is what’s supposed to happen. We kept grinding.  Grind ’til we get it, is something you can hear players all over our sidelines saying throughout the game.

As an O-line we made our mistakes early, I was apart of it. Emotions were running high, top 5 team in Mackay Stadium, Senior day, WAC championship implications on the line, what more could you ask for right?

Well, we still had to settle down and play our game.  We did that as the game went on, and you could see us dominate the line of scrimmage throughout the 2nd half and the scoreboard reflected that.  We closed the 17 pt deficit and sent the game to Overtime.

After a few missed fields goals by Boise St, we were given our opportunity to go on a game winning drive, knowing that we just needed to hold on to the football and get a few more yards to get into field goal range for our kicker, Martinez.  Then I watched a 34 yard field goal sail through the uprights and I knew that I had cemented my place in history at the University of Nevada being apart of the best football team that had ever strapped the pads on and played for the Wolf Pack.

We all believed it. Every time we broke practice as a team we broke as “WAC Champs.”  We knew what we wanted, and we knew what we had to do to get there.  We might as well have broke the huddle”Beat Boise St.”  Now that we have beaten Boise St, we have an even more important game this saturday against LA Tech, playing to put a ring on our finger!

There’s two more games left in the season, and they’re both championship games. Two more opportunities to cement our legacy, two more opportunities to put Nevada on the map.

This season just keeps getting better, doesn’t it?


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Luck has nothing to do with it.

I’ve always had a problem with this and thought that I should bring this up as it continues to occur regularly.  Every time someone refers to my life, my situation or anything that I have earned as “oh you’re so lucky.”  I can’t help but tell them that they’re wrong. Luck had nothing to do with it.

I came across this just the other day, someone wanted to tell me how lucky they thought I was.  I was intrigued, and wanted to know what they meant by it exactly.  They said you’re so lucky that you get to go to school on scholarship, play college football in front of fans and be recognized practically everywhere I go.

I didn’t like being called lucky, I don’t believe in it. Sometimes you are fortunate to be put into certain situations, but just because I’m a football player here and go to school, doesn’t make me lucky. I earned the right to be able to do that, and as I have been here, I have earned the right to continue to be a student athlete by maintaining good grades, being a good teammate and by my play on the field.  If you think that’s easy, try telling that to the guys who can’t handle it and either quit, get kicked off the team or fail out of school.  (I would estimate in my 5 years in the program that number is easily above 25 people)

As it got me thinking more, it got to the point where I felt nothing but disrespected by being told that I was lucky.  To me, lucky is a term that you use for someone who wins a raffle, someone who gets something they didn’t really earn, and someone has the audacity to tell me how lucky I am?

This las Tuesday, I didn’t have a class, not a single one, I was on campus from 8 30 am until 9 pm.  That’s over 12 hours, and I didn’t step foot in the class room.  I had weights, film, meetings, practice, more film, a student athlete seminar, and then I hit up the library to work on group projects and homework assignments.  Today I was on campus from 9 am-11pm. Yeah, 14 hour days in season, trying to take care of everything I need to take care of so that me and my teammates are successful. A lot of players and students go through the same grueling schedule that I go through, I understand that, if you work hard you should expect success,you shouldn’t  expect to be called lucky.

If someone had called me blessed, I wouldn’t have had  a problem with it, I agree with that statement.  I have been blessed, I have been presented with several opportunities in my life and have tried my best to take full advantage of them.

If someone had called me fortunate, I would have agreed with them, that’s a good choice of words. Yes, I believe I have been able to do a lot of things that maybe some people aren’t able to do, for whatever reason.

But lucky?  Come on now, lets not be ridiculous. I am not a lucky person, call me fortunate, blessed, or another word you want to come up with, but please, don’t ever refer to me as being lucky.

“Some people dream of success, others wake up everyday and work hard at it.” ~ Anonymous

PS. Thanks to all the fans who have approached me and told me how much you enjoyed reading my blog. I will try to blog more throughout the season. Hope you continue to enjoy reading my blog.


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The Union

I have blogged a lot on the ability of others to lead and what other should be doing to become better leaders. Now in this blog I would like to show my knowledge of leadership and teamwork in my  life, and more specifically my football career.

The Union is what the offensive line ( We include the Tight Ends in there as well) is called around campus at the University of Nevada.  We like to think of ourselves as the engine that runs this train. As we go, so does the team.  We are coached in a way that has full accountability put on our shoulders, we want to be the ones that in the end decides the outcome of the football game.When the offense sputters, we take that personally, we know that we need to do a better job. When the offense is prolific (the way it’s supposed to be!), we take that as a sign that we did our job in that particular game.   We lead by example in everything that we do, the way that we practice, off the field, and most importantly in the way we play.

Each and every year since I have been here, we have had a member of the union serve as one of the captains of our football team. Does this come as a coincidence? Absolutely not, the senior most member of the union is always looked at as being one of the emotional leaders for the team, they’ve generally played in a lot of games, and know what it takes to win.  More importantly, the team aspect they bring is crucial.  I believe the offensive line position is one of the most team oriented positions in all of sports.

I can’t score touchdowns. I can’t do it.  The other members of the line and I can only create opportunities for others to score touchdowns so that in the end we can win the game.  We don’t have any stats.  When people ask me how my season is going I can’t point to, well I have x amount of touchdowns, x amount of passing yards, x amount of rushing yards…etc.  I can say, the offense is scoring a lot of touchdowns, I must be doing something right, or I can say that the offense is sputtering, obviously I’m not doing my job.  More importantly, I can point to the wins  because  that is all that really matters, and that person can make their own assessment on how they think my season is going.  We know as a unit that if we do our job, make our blocks, we have the skill positions put in place that will light up the score board, we just need to clear the path for them and give them time to make things happen.

Our offensive line as a whole last season was arguably the best offensive line in University of Nevada history.  We were the #1 rushing team in the NCAA, averaging 344.9 rush yards/game.  We averaged a whopping 7+yards per carry.  We were the first team in NCAA history to have 3 different 1,000 yard rushers in the same season. Those 3 players are now enshrined in the college football hall of fame.  I’ve talked to a few of the guys in the Union and we talk about how we can always look at that and think “we made” the college football hall of fame along with Kaep, Vai and Luke..who are all incredible football players, don’t get me wrong, but we were right there along with them.

We had a decent season with 8 consecutive wins in the middle of it, but no bowl ring and no conference championship. Some people would call that a good season and be content with it. After we lost in the Hawaii Bowl last year one of our leaders in the offensive line our center Kenny Ackerman was disgusted, he was even quoted in the media right after the game apologizing to our fans, and alumni for the poor performance, because as I said before he took the loss personally. It was The Union’s job to win games, when we didn’t it was our fault we lost.  That’s the accountability we are coached with, we expect it from ourselves.  We don’t want to turn to any other group on the field and expect them to be the ones to make the big play and win us the game, we wanted to be the ones to do it.

At the end of the year we had the stats, but really who cares about stats? Every media person I’ve talked to lately wants to know if we can come back this year and put up the same stats, I give each and every one of them the same answer. I hope so, but really I’m only interested in winning.  Now I’ve come full circle in this whole thing, I went from being the freshmen who started who was just trying to be one of the guys and not make any mistakes and let the older guys down, to being a guy who was asked to move positions to guard and hit the ground running, to a returning starter who was expected to be one of the leaders and be productive my junior season to being the Senior most member of the offensive line who is counted on (along with Virg and Jose) and expected to be a leader both on and off the field which is where I am at today.

Every year when we start the season The Union dedicates the season to our seniors, play our hearts out so that our seniors can go out championships. They worked hard to get to where they’re at, and they deserve to be champions.  It still bothers me that the last few years I have been unable to accomplish that goal, and all of these union members that have been seniors on my watch, have not been able to go out champions. Now it’s my turn to be a senior, I have to try and make sure I leave as a champion.

My legacy if you want to call it that at the University of Nevada will come down to my senior season, how do people remember me? What kind of leader am I? How did I get the guys around me to step up and produce the way that we as a team need them to? These are a lot of questions that are going to be answered very soon.  I can tell you one thing, a WAC championship ring along with a few signature wins would go a long way towards building this legacy.

Now it’s the responsibility of The Union to get us to where we want to be.

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NCAA players taking things from agents?

Recently I was watching ESPN and the topic came up that a lot of players mostly from BCS Schools were being investigated for taking gifts and benefits from agents that they are not allowed to take.  This topic became very interesting when at SEC media days the head coach of the National Champion Alabama Crimson Tide, Nick Saban, went so far as to say that agents are like pimps.

Let’s not blow everything out of proportion here.  These kids are entirely responsible as well. Don’t think for one second that they haven’t been completely informed and signed numerous papers stating that under no  circumstances are they allowed to take ANYTHING from an agent.  Since the day I arrived on campus at the University of Nevada I sat down each and every year and filled out paperwork with the entire team for about an hour.  This paper work was clearly outlined to us that when we sign it what would happen.  We watched videos on what we can’t do, we signed our signature on the paper directly below each exact statement.  There is absolutely no excuse for any player to think it is alright for him to take anything from an agent and think that is okay.

I understand to a certain degree what coach Saban is talking about however. I’m coming up on my senior year here at Nevada, I have already been drafted into the CFL in Canada, and I am hoping to get drafted into the NFL this next April.  Agents contact these players every way they can, I’ve had facebook messages, phone calls, text messages, they’ll find out your school e-mail address and flood you with emails.  I’ve even had one agent go so far as use one of his runners who knew some girl who went to school here, she got my number one day when she saw me at school, and gave it to her friend and they ended up calling me that way.  From what I’ve heard I am projected to be a mid-round or later draft pick, hopefully I can improve on that during the season, but I have been contacted at last count by 43 agents. That’s a lot coming at a college senior, I don’t care who you are. Higher projected picks I am sure get a lot more calls, and a lot more agents willing to offer them certain things.   They all seem to be saying the same thing as well. These agents in some aspects are similar to used car salesmen.  You know honest Bob’s used car down the street?  People go there and Honest Bob seems to tell you anything and everything you want to hear as long as you have cash in your pocket.

I believe that some of these agents try to negotiate deals where they hook players in the NCAA up with a substantial amount of money with the promise of being able to represent them in the future so they can get 3% of that players contract down the road.  Keep in mind these are college kids, if your parents are well off, it makes things very difficult on you while you go through school.  Obviously I get all my school paid for, and books and tuition, the football team feeds me quite a bit, but I get a $900 stipend and because I am Canadian I get taxed on my stipend each month, so I get a check each month for $774.  I challenge any of you to try to live your entire life on that much money, I pay rent, I pay my own cell phone, my own insurance, my own gas for my car. I also have to buy enough food to feed a 325lb man.  There’s not a lot of extra money floating around, I don’t come from a wealthy family and I thank my blessings everyday that I can usually call one of  my 4 older siblings and they can help me out if I need money each month.

Now a lot of these players that are caught up in these situations I imagine they’ve lived most of their college career struggling the same way that most of us have.  Does this make it okay for these players to breach that contract they signed to be an NCAA athlete? Absolutely not.   Does this make it okay for these agents to find the loophole in the system and lure in athletes by offering them a few thousand dollars? No, it’s disgusting is what it is.

There’s no leadership involved on either side.  These agents who offer gifts and benefits are dirty businessman, who are unethical and immoral. These players who accept these gifts are no better.  I believe a way to curb this would be to suspend any agents NFLPA license for a minimum of 5 years to life if he is caught offering gifts or benefits to athletes.  The players who get caught up in these situations generally are hurt in the long run as character concerns arise. Dropping their draft stock considerably and in the long run costing them exorbitant amounts of money.

Any player that is willing to jeopardize his whole football teams season to take a few thousand dollars or whatever it is that he is offered is unbelievably selfish.  The team works too hard together, too hard to become a team, to have one player strip everything they’ve worked so hard for away from them, is something I would never want to be responsible for, nor be apart of in any aspect. .  I understand why NFL teams look at these players and judge them the way they do, and they are practically blackballed from the NFL, as they should be.

So what I’m saying is that accountability needs to be looked at from both sides.  The agent-player relationship needs to be one of trust, and not one where either side is willing to jeopardize the others reputation and career path to gain an advantage in their lives.  Teamwork in this situation is no different from teamwork in any business interaction, there has to be benefits to each side and each side can’t be willing to risk the integrity of the other side to make the deal happen.

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Sidney Crosby

For this blog entry I chose one of my personal favorite people in the sports world Sidney Crosby. Seeing as today is his birthday(he was born 8/7/1987, I’d wear #87 if I was him to) I figured I would give him some praise, because he certainly deserves it.

As a leader in a game such as hockey I think it’s as important if not more important than any other sports.  It’s very interesting to me that there are so many players in the NHL and although just over half of them are Canadian citizens it seems rare to see a team who has a captain who isn’t Canadian.  Some of the greatest captains of recent history come to mind to me and they are Jonathon Toews, Sidney Crosby, Steve Yzerman, Vincent Lecavlier, Eric Staal, Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Scott Niedermayer and the list goes on. All great captains, all Canadians.  Sidney Crosby is one of the youngest of the group  and his legazy is yet to be fully established, although he is well on his way.

I believe if Sidney Crosby was to hang up his skates today, on his 23rd birthday he would be elected into the NHL hall of fame.  That is very high praise for a 23 year old, but let’s take a look at all the things he has done.

Sidney was the first overall pick of the 2005 NHL Entry Draft, the draft lottery was actually known as the “Sidney Sweepstakes.”  At the time the Pittsburgh Penguins had filed for bankruptcy and their part owner Mario Lemieux had actually came out of retirement a few years earlier to attempt to reignite the city of Pittsburgh’s love for hockey.  When the team was for sale, they were looking at it being relocated to several destinations.  Once Sidney Crosby showed up, all talks of relocation came to a halt.  He put a franchise on his back and grew it from a bankrupt laughing stock of the NHL, to the perennial Stanley cup contender that they are today.  Oh yeah, that was 2005, it’s 2010. He turned it around pretty quick..

How did Sidney do all this?  Let me give you a quick rundown of events

In his first full season, he finished 6th in the scoring race, not a bad year.  The next year, he finished with the most points in the NHL and won the Hart Memorial trophy as the NHL MVP.  Yeah, he was 19 years old and already had a MVP trophy on his mantle at home. Or should I say Mario’s home, Mario Lemieux took Sidney in to his home to live with his family to make sure that Sidney had the right guidance during this very important part of his life.

The very next season Sidney took him and the rest of his Pittsburgh Penguins teammates to the Stanley Cup finals, where they eventually lost to the Detroit Red Wings.  The very next year both teams returned to the Stanley Cup finals, Sidney Crosby had grown to become the Captain of the Penguins and he donned the “C” on his jersey. He was the Pittsburgh Penguins unequivocal leader, they don’t just hand out those “C’s” they’re earned!

Therefore when the Penguins were awarded the Stanley Cup, it was awarded directly to Sidney Crosby.  He became the youngest captain in NHL history when he hoisted that trophy above his head.  At the age of 21, he had accomplished practically every red blooded canadian boys dreams. He had a MVP trophy, and his name would forever be engraved on the Stanley Cup, what more could he ask for?

It turns out he wasn’t complacent.  He came back this season and won another award, the Rocket Richard Trophy for having the most goals in the NHL with 51, notice a trend here? He’s collecting a lot of hardware.

Also in the middle of this last season Sidney Crosby was invited to represent Team Canada at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia.  The chance to win a gold medal on his home soil was obviously something him and the rest of the NHL players from Canada couldn’t pass up.  Eventually Canada would win the gold medal game in great fashion, one of their leaders was able to step up in overtime and get the game winning goal for the team, and ignite pride throughout a nation.  That man was Sidney Crosby.

All the while Sidney Crosby has kept a good head on his shoulders. He has stayed with the Pittsburgh Penguins his whole career, showed loyalty to them since they’ve showed loyalty to him. He  wanted to win championships in Pittsburgh, he didn’t bolt at free agency to join some other superstars somewhere( LEBRON!).  He believed in the organization that they would build around him, and he and the rest of his teammates would be able to be competitive each and every year.  It makes it that much more important to him and his teammates when they grew together as a team, and were led by Sidney himself to the Stanley Cup.  I’m sure it wouldn’t be the same if he was to win anywhere else.

Sidney’s leadership capabilities are impressive.  He managed to turn around a whole organization, practically on his own. There are some other pieces to the puzzle obviously, but there’s a reason Sidney is the captain. He’s the go-to guy when it’s crunch time. He’s the one people expect to step up when they need him to.  He is the face of the NHL and the face of the Pittsburgh Penguins. What’s most impressive to me about him is that he maintains a good reputation and doesn’t ever seem to get into trouble.

For being such a young man with such a large sum of money available to him (#87 makes $8.7 million/season…naturally).  He one of the big spokesmen for Timbits hockey program in Canada which makes sure that all little kids are able to play hockey if they would like to.  He has also been known to donate to several charities and has his summer home in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia the exact place where he grew up.

I understand that hockey isn’t really mainstream in America, but in a time like today where it seems a lot of professional athletes have questionable character (which generally also associates them with having trouble winning championships) it’s good to see a guy like Sidney Crosby. He’s accomplished so much at such a young age, is still hungry, and wants to accomplish more. He’s kept his head throughout this whole process has kept his image clean and has cashed in with endorsements because of it.

Here is someone that I look up to, which seems very weird to me because well he is a few months younger than I am. But he has accomplished everything he set out to accomplish and is still hungry to accomplish more. He brings his teammates along with him and gets them ready for the next game, for the next season, and never lets the people he plays with get complacent, because he never gets complacent.

Sidney Crosby is a leader that everyone should look up to, he has a full trophy mantle, a stanley cup ring, an olympic gold medal and a fire that burns inside him to accomplish more!

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Team Building in fall camp

Now I’ve been here at the University of Nevada for a long time. This will be my 10th semester and this will be my 5th football season with the Wolf Pack. I grey-shirted my first year out of high school and then red-shirted the year after. I dressed for every game and traveled as a red-shirt  because I was in the 2-deep and I was told that I would likely play the next season and should prepare myself for everything that will happen.  So I feel like I’ve had about as long of an NCAA career as you could possibly have. I’ve dressed for over 40 games and started around 30 games. I still have a season left to play and just when I thought I couldn’t learn anything else about football at the University of Nevada it hit me today.

Fall camp, what’s its purpose exactly?

Most of us are here together for the summer taking part in summer conditioning. However even when fall camp starts there is probably 10-20 guys on my own football team that I either don’t remember their name or have never been introduce to them. So first and foremost I think one of the things is making sure that all 105 guys know who each other are one way or another.  That’s a good start to having a successful season. Now this leads me to other questions, why all the conditioning? why all the hitting? Why do they push us as hard as they do?

Then I realized, that they do this to build a team.  They have a way of putting us through as much adversity as possible, and we do everything together.  We have no choice but to rely on each other in a lot of things that we do.  Coach Ault has told us before that football is the greatest team sport in America. I believe it.  It’s one of the only sports that I know where you have to fully rely on other people to take care of business.  Being an offensive lineman, I can only focus on my 1/11th  and  trust that the men on either side of me are going to do their job, and that all the skill positions are going to take care of the football, find the right reads and block as well.  How do we create that trust? That team work?

Practice, practice, practice.

When we condition in practice, we condition in groups, if anyone in your group fails. The whole group goes again.  No one wants to condition in 100 degree heat, and it’s hard. But we find a way to get through it. We find a way to get through it together.You don’t want to be that guy that lets your group down.  It creates a sense of accountability for the player, and a sense of respect from the other players if you know that you can count on someone to make their times. If someone continues to fail their conditioning test and we all have to pay for it continually, it creates peer pressure, which only brings out the best in people. They say the best kind of pressure is peer pressure.  This is one of the ways that we create leadership, create cohesiveness and build trust with one another.

Another way we build leadership, and trust is through the way we practice. Our practices are always up-tempo and always physical.  It’s what we’re known for.  Doing this creates competition within our own team. You don’t want to be the guy pointed out on film as being soft, or allowing a sack, missing a tackle, fumbling, or giving up the big play.  So what it does is it creates accountability for us. We work hard each and every play so that we are the guy on film making a big play, scoring a touchdown, making the tackle, etc.

Another thing that we do, is that we are literally together practically all day everyday.  Whether it be meetings, film, weights, practice, or eating together. When we have time off in the middle of the day our locker room turns into something that would look similar to nap time at a daycare center. All of these grown men passed out on the floor in front of their lockers trying to get some sleep in before the next practice we have.  We are practically forced into bonding with each other because we are going through these hard times together.  We feel for each other. We know how terrible our bodies feel when we wake up in the morning, we know how hard it is to run through that line every time on a conditioning test.  We know how sick we eventually get of the food that we eat each and everyday. But we do it all together.

For all of these reasons this is why fall camp is necessary for any football team.  We need to build that trust, develop leaders, determine who our captains are going to be, and most importantly believe in one another. Believe that the person beside you will do their job, and that you don’t want to let that person down.  You don’t want to be singled out as the guy that made the mistake that cost the team. Because in the end the team is the most important thing.

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Alex Rodriguez, a role model?

I am going to start out by saying I am a big baseball fan and I love the game. Some of my fondest memories growing up were watching Blue Jays baseball games with my grandpa.  I however, like most people have developed some issues with the MLB. With the 600th HR today of one of the faces of the MLB in Alex Rodriguez. I chose no better time than now to speak my mind on this matter.

Remember the days when we had prominent people to look at and think to yourself, wow that is what I want to be like one day, or that’s a great role model for my son/daughter to look up to.  That person would be looked at as a role model for our youth.  Generally we can look to several places to find that person, whether it be professional athletes, politicians, doctors, lawyers, and the list goes on.

I am going to look at one specific person, in Alex Rodriguez who I believe has failed immensely in what I believe is his responsibility to be a role model to the youth of america.

Alex Rodriguez today became the youngest person to ever hit 600 Home runs*.  Notice the asterisk?  He used steroids.  That record shouldn’t count.  Alex Rodriguez, his baseball career, it’s a lie. He used performance enhancing drugs, steroids, and he admitted to using them. After previously lying to all of america on 60 minutes, he later revealed in an ESPN article that he had in fact used steroids from 2001-2003 due to the extreme pressure he felt from signing such a huge contract.

First of all, A-Rod you’ve lied to us once. At this point I see A-Rod as a cheater, and a liar.  I’m not done.

Alex Rodriguez signed the biggest contract in major league history, then he signed one bigger than that. Yes, he owns the 2 biggest contracts in major league history. Let me reiterate this, Alex Rodriguez took steroids, an illegal performance enhancing substance, he should be in jail and out of baseball.  He isn’t.He laughed all the way to the bank.   He’s still making over $25 million annually to play the sport that he is the face of and has diminished its value to me along with I’m sure countless other fans.

Well seeing as Alex Rodriguez cheated at baseball, I wonder how many other aspects of life he cheats at? I know one more for sure, on his wife. He has been seen several times hanging out with strippers in various cities around the country. What a classy young man this Alex Rodriguez guy is.  I know if and when I have a son, I will tell him that Alex Rodriguez was a talented baseball player, and there and only there is where the admiration stops.

Look at Alex Rodriguez as a man and tell me if this is what you call a role model?

My biggest problem with all of this is when the next generation grows up and all they’ve seen is their sports heroes such as Alex Rodriguez have lied and cheated their way to the top of the sports world. When in reality he should look at himself in the mirror and be disgusted for cheating himself, his teammates, and the rest of the players in the MLB for what he did.

Now you can sit here and make excuses for him and say it was the era or whatever you want.  But I’m not interested in making excuses.  It starts up top with Bud Selig, all this was done under his watch.  The steroid era dramatically changed the record books, and everything about the game. It diminished the respect for the game, and any fan who isn’t upset about all this, you aren’t really a fan.

When all is said and done I for one hope that A-Rod and his 300+ million dollars he’s made in the MLB can’t buy his way into the hall of fame at Cooperstown, no matter how many records he continues to break and how many championships the New York Yankees (The definition of what is wrong with baseball) win(uh, I mean buy).

If anyone wants to bring up the argument that steroids don’t help you perform you still have to hit. I will bring up to you this argument.  Barry Bonds has long been considered a heavy steroid user, he started out his career as a 175lb wiry leadoff hitter and “grew” into a middle of the order 240lb man who put anything you pitched on the plate into McCovey cove.  This season’s home run leader is Jose Bautista of the Toronto Blue Jays, he has 33 home runs and has hit 5 more than ANY other player in Major League Baseball up to today.   The season that Barry Bonds had when he hit 73 home-runs, he had 39 Home Runs AT THE ALL STAR BREAK!

I hope they clean up “America’s game” and hope it hasn’t already had a drastic effect on america’s youth.  They’ve seen all these professional athletes cheat, cheat and continue to cheat, all the while making millions of dollars and haven’t had to at any point be accountable for what they’ve done.

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