About Me

My professional experience is my ability to work within a team which I have done for the past four years as a member of the University of Nevada football team. While actively on the team, I have managed to effectively pursue my education. I am on pace to graduate with a dual major in Marketing and Management. Also, I’ve been honored with the striker award for dominant play on the football field, the most prestigious honor you can receive from the University as a University of Nevada football player.

I hope to help others reach their full potential through hard work, time management and focus.

I believe that working with the right group members in a team environment will bring the full potential out of people. Companies can use these teams to bolster their production in the office and to create accountability amongst each other with their employees. These groups will compete both within themselves and against others in their industry to reach what was thought of before as unattainable goals.


One Response to About Me

  1. dedric holmes says:


    My name is Dedric Holmes, I played RB at Nevada 1990-1994. We had some good teams back than but you guys this year are the real deal. I know live in Florida and was very happy to see you guys hang in there Friday night. I know all about Nevadatude and how much work goes into a successful Saturday game. Great job and keep it up…All past Nevada players are pulling for you guys and are quite proud of how you all play the game.

    Say hi too coach Wilson and coach Ault for me…

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