Getting ready for March 22nd

I’ve been asked by a lot of people over my twitter account (John_W_Bender) and by friends and family to give an update on my training so here it goes.

After the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl I returned to Reno, and found out shortly after that that I was not invited to the NFL combine or to any major all star games. This definitely came as a surprise to me, I was being told before the year and during the year that I should be going to both, but I guess my sources on these topics weren’t entirely accurate.

Since then I have signed with Ken Sarnoff from Gaylord Sports. He has an impressive client list including Nate Burleson and Chester Taylor among others.  A lot of agents offered me different things enticing me to sign with them, from super bowl tickets, to a rental hummer, basically you name it they offered it.   But at the end of the day I know that I don’t want to get my money from an agent, I want to get my money from playing the game I love,  from that NFL paycheck.  I thought my agent I chose would give me the best opportunity to do that.

I then decided to train in Reno, with our strength coaches here.  Its a very familiar situation for me, and I have seen gains already from my training.  I’ve been working hard and plan to turn some heads here at pro day  on March 22nd.

I’ve seen my name thrown around from being a mid-round pick to being an un-drafted FA. All I really want is an opportunity in a camp somewhere, I think I can prove what I have to everyone there.This whole situation really isn’t that new to me, I was lightly recruited out of high school. I wasn’t a 5 star recruit or anything. I came to Nevada  changed positions a few times and had to work my way up the depth chart.   I’m confident something similar will happen in the NFL    I’m pretty good at adapting, I was able to start and succeed at tackle first, and then learned how to play guard during a bye week my sophomore year and started against UNLV the next week, and never really looked back.

I appreciate the support I’ve gotten from family, friends and  fans and if anyone would like to know anything else, let me know, leave a comment. I plan on blogging a few more times before pro day on March 22nd.


John W. Bender


About johnwbender

John Bender Graduate of the University of Nevada Offensive lineman for the Calgary Stampeders
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6 Responses to Getting ready for March 22nd

  1. Clint Mason says:

    All the best hope the future deals offered meet all your dreams, and sets you up on a path of great success in life!

  2. Patrick H says:

    Hope the training is going well. I’m curious, about pro day. Will the NFL coaches have you do the same drills done in the combine or is it less structured? Assuming the first, do you practice those different drills with your current training?

    Thanks, and good luck. Pack fans are surprised you didn’t received an invite to one of the all star games and the combine just as you are.

    • johnwbender says:

      The Pro Day has a lot of the same drills that are done at the combine. I will be testing all of the same measurable drills and doing some position specific drills as well. I have been practicing my 40, my short shuttle “I” test, the 3 cone test, and doing some position specific drills as well in my training here.

  3. Joe C. says:

    With all the broken rushing records it’ surprising how little fanfare the OL has been getting. You’re gonna get your shot though big guy. I suspect you’ll get drafted but even FA is not bad since you can choose the best situation.

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