Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl day before the game!

We’re all getting real excited for the game here in San Francisco. The lobby of the Westin St. Francis is absolutely packed right now with Pack fans, and a lot of my teammates are currently spending time with friends and family much like me. 

Today we got to participate in another rare opportunity, we were fortunate enough to help out at the Glide Foundation.  We were able to help feed a lot of hungry people today and hopefully they left satisfied.  I know a lot of the players left satisfied, it was an opportunity for us to see how fortunate we are as college athletes.  That no matter how difficult we think things are in front of us, its nothing compared to worrying about where your next meal is coming from.  A lot of the people who came in to eat knew who the Nevada football team was and that we beat Boise State, and that we were playing in the bowl game this week.  Asked us who we thought was going to win the national championship etc. It was a great experience for all of us and we all now have a good grasp of the true meaning of this bowl game. 

The rest of the day was our typical day before the game routine. We had a walk through, went and saw AT&T stadium (it’s look great by the way!)  We watched our day before the game video.  As an oline we set our goals that we want to accomplish in the game and we had team dinner, with a movie after.  

Tomorrow we will finally get to sleep in a little bit, have our morning walk through, hopefully get a pre-game nap in. Have our pre-game meal then it’s off to the stadium and it’s game time!  

Hopefully we will have a nice trip back to Reno knowing we finished this season off right with a W!

Enjoy the game Pack fans.

John W. Bender


About johnwbender

John Bender Graduate of the University of Nevada Offensive lineman for the Calgary Stampeders
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2 Responses to Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl day before the game!

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  2. Phyllis Kerr says:

    Cheers to you John from your cousins on the Miramichi, NB. We are all big fans and enjoy your posts! GOOD LUCK!!

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