The value of leadership

Now a lot of people had to weigh in on where they think Tim Tebow would be drafted this year.  There was ESPN insiders who said that his mechanics needed work, he played in a gimmick offense,that their was a long ways to go before he was NFL ready. Jerry Jones the Cowboys owner was even caught on tape saying he wouldn’t draft Tebow in the 3rd round, because he can’t get him on the field, he’d never play.

Tim Tebow was a part of 2 national championships,  was a perennial heisman contender, even won a heisman,  and he was the undisputed leader of the best team in college football over the 4 years he was there. In his 4 years at Florida, the Gators won 2 national championships and another BCS bowl the Sugar Bowl, they experienced incredible success. He had to be a first round pick just based on his leadership abilities, his ability to take himself and his teammates together to week in-week out not get complacent but put together their best game and win as many games as they did, is incredible.

Tebow eventually was a late first round pick to the Denver Broncos, Broncos fans I promise you this, you will not be disappointed. Even if Tebow is only used as a wild-cat style QB in the offense for the first few years, his athletic ability is great, but the greatest thing he brings to the table is his leadership, what he does off the field.

What makes him such a great leader?  I’ll give you the best example I can.

We’ve all seen people in certain situations stand up and talk and try to get people to lead them. We base heavily on what this person says by their credibility that we believe they have. If the person is someone we think a lot of we believe what they say and could be fired up if they are a good speaker, if they don’t have good credibility we generally politely listen and think to ourselves I wish this person would stop talking, or if we’re a little bolder we tell them to shut up.

Tim Tebow gave a pledge to the fans at Florida in the 2008 season. Tebow had all the credibility in the world  At this point in Tebows career he had won a national championship, and a heisman trophy and there wasn’t much left for him to achieve.   Some people at this point in their lives get complacent, he could go to the NFL the next season, he would be a early-mid round draft pick more than likely,  and Tim Tebow had accomplished a lot more than most of us ever dreamed of. He was still hungry though.  He had more to accomplish.  Him and his teammates had more to accomplish.

After a 31-30 loss to an under dog in Ole Miss, most people in Tebows shoes would dismiss it as it’s only one game, we have a lot left to play, we can win the next one. Tim Tebow couldn’t do that, he was disgusted.  He took the loss as a reflection in himself as not doing a good job being a leader, this was his team, he was the leader and they weren’t doing what they were supposed to do.  He aplogized to Gator Nation and then did something special. He pledged on national television that ” You will never see any player in the entire country, play as hard as I will for the rest of the season, you will never see anyone push the rest of the team as hard as I will push them the rest of the season.  You will never see a team play harder than we will the rest of the season.” Them simply said God Bless and walked off the stage.

The power of the words  he spoke is incredible. Here’s a heisman trophy, national championship QB, leader of his team, sure fire NFL draft pick. Who was sick to his stomach because of a loss?  Who then basically guaranteed perfection for the rest of the season to all his fans?  Then the Gators go undefeated the rest of the season a nd win the National Championship?  That’s not real life, that’s a movie.  Shoot, thats a Disney movie you show the kids. It’s not supposed to happen like that.

Well, Tim Tebow made it happen.  Anyone who questions him as an NFL player, should look at him as a man first.  In this day and age where it seems that we see NFL players getting arrested,  being bad role models, and filing for bankruptcy after making more money than most of us ever dreamed of. We have Tim Tebow, a man with great morals ( he’s a devout christian as well) who is committed to getting him and his teammates to compete at the highest level to win a championship.

Who wouldn’t want someone like that on their team?

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John Bender Graduate of the University of Nevada Offensive lineman for the Calgary Stampeders
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2 Responses to The value of leadership

  1. michelle says:

    I love how you included what kind of man he is off the field. He’s a leader on and off the field. I also like how you included he’s a devout Christian. The morals the Christian religion teaches has a great influence in how he leads and relates to people. It was very necessary to include. Great job.

    • johnwbender says:

      Thanks for your comment Michelle. I felt it necessary to include all of the relevant information to let people know what kind of man he is both on and off the field, it adds greatly to his credibility with his teammates.

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