Welcome to my blog

I plan to blog on the importance of team work and leadership to get to higher levels of productivity.  Specifically most of my knowledge about team work comes from the sports world.  I am an NCAA offensive linemen for the University of Nevada Wolf Pack.  We use team work on the offensive line on a daily basis, and the better we mesh together as a team, the greater the results.

In the business world I plan to use my knowledge, skills and abilities that have I acquired from previous team work to  become a leader.

About johnwbender

John Bender Graduate of the University of Nevada Offensive lineman for the Calgary Stampeders
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5 Responses to Welcome to my blog

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  2. Teresa Bender says:

    Well, good post, but I don’t know. I mean, first of all, when you talk about sports heroes (and other heroes) from past decades, one of the things that you have to keep in mind is that a lot of the shady things they did were kept out of the public’s eye. Take a President like JFK. A lot of people would have thought he was a great role model for their kids back in the day. But turns out he was cheating on his wife left right and centre. And I’m sure a lot of sports heroes did less than exemplary things off the field that would compare to what A-Rod did . The media just didn’t report it back then. There was a different code.

    Secondly, when it comes to on the field, where do you draw the line between a cheater and a player just trying to do everything he can to be the best? I mean, there are a pitchers who are in the Hall even though its widely known they’d use everything from sand to spit to get an edge. That’s just as much against the rules as steroids (although not illegal as far as the law is concerned). Sure, maybe steroids seem a notch or two above but that’s all contextual, and when a bunch of other players in the same era are doing it, it starts to look commonplace.

    I’m guessing I’m saying we should cut A-Rod a little slack.


    • johnwbender says:

      Thanks for your insight Teresa. However, I believe being in his situation that it’s hard for me to respect a man that has everything he has knowing the way that he got it. I’m sure there was a lot of hard work and an immense amount of talent as well, but to turn to steroids, and do the other things he’s done. I just have a hard time believing he deserves the respect he gets.

      • Patrick H says:

        I live in Seattle and watched A Rod as he came up. He was a phenomenal player right from the start. I’d bet money he didn’t use steroids early in his career, yet he was better than Ken Griffey just 2 years into the majors. So he deserves what he’s got as he earned it. But he lost all of my respect for his lies during salary negotiations, his lies about steroids and his seeming lack of respect for the history of the game and the fans. I admire him…but I don’t respect him. On a different note I’m a life long Laker fan and feel the same way about Kobe.

        I really enjoy the blog JB and your posts are all interesting. Thanks.

  3. johnwbender says:

    Thanks for commenting on my blog Patrick. I am doing this blog for my class I am in right now (MGT 491), so I have at least 4-5 more blog entries to make in the next week. Hope you enjoy them as well.

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